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  • Designed for career advancement

    The main function of our Continuing Studies programme is to facilitate working adults - on evenings and weekends - who are seeking to increase their chances for promotion within the workplace or a change of career. Find out more.

    10-Saturday Introductory Courses

    CCLCS offers quite a large number of outreach courses for a Ten (10) Saturday's period, each session being four (4) hours long. These courses are aimed at specific audiences at times, while at other times the general population is invited to enroll. Start your course today.

  • Extending our reach, virtually

    The College decided to expand and integrate the use of distance learning technology to meet the growing demand for courses only offered at the flag ship centre in Valsayn and the need to integrate new and emerging technology.

    The College hopes that with the use of this new technology, hardware and software, and technical support services we will be able to support all of our centres, students and other stakeholders both internal and external. Get connected!

    Connect, learn and grow

    Distance Learning
  • Student Portal

    The Student Portal is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that offers the highest level of security to ensure the confidentiality of students' sensitive data. Students can check their grades, and submit resumes online anytime, anywhere. They can also update their own basic information and view student guild directory. They can also access their calendar to view miscellaneous events and registration dates. Click here to access the Student Portal.

    Students Guild

    Student Guild

    The mission of the student guild is to promote student unity, campus tranquility, holistic student development and the general welfare of students. Find out more.

  • Kick-start your career

    Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies is a tertiary/community college offering full- and part-time Certificate, Diploma, Associate and Bachelor's Degree programmes. They come to us with the expectation that their skills and knowledge will be upgraded to keep pace with the current challenges which they as workers must face. Find out more.

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