Ian Daniel

Programme Dean, Labour Studies Department


We take pride in employing some of the best practitioner-educators in Industrial Relations and its related fields, who do not merely focus on lecturing – they bring a wealth of authentic field experience, a commitment to fairness, equity and social justice, and a passion for lifelong learning, as reflected in their enthusiasm and engagement as instructors.

Mr Daniel holds a Master of Science in Sociology and has lectured in Industrial Relations, Politics, Labour History, Sociology, and Psychology. He is involved in the design and facilitation of specialized, and customized training interventions in Industrial Relations Practice. He is also a three-time appointee to the Registration, Recognition, and Certification Board of Trinidad and Tobago, sitting as an Independent Member.

Mr. Daniel has worked in education, banking, retail sales, and services. He has been a consultant, writer, researcher, local community organizer, mas-designer, artist and poet. Mr Daniel has a wide array of research/study interests in the areas of the Sociology of Work and Industry, the Sociology of Development, Cultural Studies and Digitalization.

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