The Elma Francois Institute for Research

About Us

“I don’t know that my speeches create disaffection, I know that my speeches create a fire in the minds of the people so as to change the conditions which now exist.” – Elma Francois

The Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies (CCLCS), in its Strategic Plan 2018 to 2022, identified as its overarching outcome result “Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Research”. The Elma Francois Institute for Research and Debate (EFIRD) is a core component of achieving this result. The EFRID is also intended to play a critical role for the achievement of Outcome Result 4 (CCLCS Strategic Plan 2018-2022): Improved Stakeholder Engagement and Brand Value.

It was felt that Elma Francois’ words embodied the focus of the College. It must ignite fires within the minds of its students so that they would be driven to be change agents in their respective environments. Additionally, Francois was one of many in the tradition of the proletariat intellectual and is therefore an inspiration to working class people who strive to academic and intellectual excellence.


  1. To make a fundamental contribution to the development of CCLCS as a centre of academic excellence in world of work and social development issues both nationally and in the Caribbean.
  2. Promote the College as a research reservoir for stakeholders
  3. Establish and manage relations with stakeholders for the advancement of the research and debate agenda of the College
  4. Guide the development of the research agenda of the College
  5. Represent and promote the College in national and international arenas as required and maintain close continued collaboration with partners.
  6. Identify new areas of research in keeping with the College. There are three tiers of focus here:
    1. The institutional research initiated by the college
    2. Research requested by or on behalf of stakeholders
    3. Research requested by external entities (general public for example; a company)
  7. Organise Academic conferences hosted by the college.

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