Nigel Bhagwatsaran

Programme Dean, Project Management


Our Project Management Faculty are high-calibre practitioners in the field of project management with a passion for bringing real-world experiences in the classroom, pursuance of lifelong learning, and student-centric learning experiences. This experienced team of instructors will be able to transition students to the world of project management connecting students to diverse projects at every level – individual, community, national, regional, and global projects.

Mr. Nigel Bhagwatsaran is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Dean for the Project Management Department at Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies (CCLCS). Certified with the Project Management Professional Qualification and post-graduate degrees in Management, Information Systems, and Educational Leadership, he consults at various levels across diverse sectors. As an active lifelong learner, he is currently a 3rd year student pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership in Higher Education with the University of the West Indies.

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