Dr. Marlon Anatol

Senior Fellow and Dean, Elma Francois Institute for Research and Debate, Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies

Dr. Marlon Anatol is the Director of Research at TAIRASS, a research consultancy, and holds an Honours Degree in Applied Sociology and a Ph.D. in International Relations, specialising in Research, with expertise in the areas of Trafficking in Persons, Security, Migration, Trade and Development. He has published numerous journal articles and book chapters on Migration, Crime and Security, Economic Development, Trafficking in Persons and Youth.

He has co-edited five books to date, entitled “Selected Essays on Contemporary Caribbean Issues” with Raymond Mark Kirton; “Contemporary Issues in Caribbean and Latin American Relations, Raymond Mark Kirton; “The Changing Political and Socio-Economic Environment in the Caribbean and Latin America: Prospects and Challenges” with Paulo Gustavo Pellegrino Correa and Raymond Mark Kirton; and “Managing ‘New’ Security Threats in the Caribbean” with Georgina Chami and Jerome Teelucksingh, and “The Caribbean Social Justice Agenda” with Dr. Raymond Mark Kirton and Dr. Ashaki Dore.