Introduction to Practical skills for Small Business Owners



This programme presents an introduction to multiple disciplines offering practical skills and competencies that will assist in the successful management of micro-enterprises. It builds on the existing resources and competencies of the various CCLCS academic departments.

Course Goals

The contraction in the energy sector means that it is vital to support diversification of the economy and sustainable micro enterprise. This programme targets individuals and groups affected by the recent downturn in the local economy, members of the small business and informal sector, as well as the high levels of youth unemployment.


LEARNING OUTCOMES:  Upon completion of the course students would be able to:

• The ABCs of starting and registering a small business

• Basic Small Business Management skills

• Industrial/Employment Relation for the small business owner

• Financial record keeping and balance sheet essentials

• Co-operative and Credit Union support for entrepreneurship

• Basic OSHE and Security Management for small business