Introduction to Cake Decorating



Cake Decorating is a form of sugar art that uses  materials such as icing, frosting and other edible decorations. The icing and frosting are made in different consistencies to create flowers, borders and letters.

COURSE GOALS:                           

  • To create unique cakes for special occasions for family and friends.


LEARNING OUTCOMES:  Upon completion of the course students would be able to:

  • Make Royal Icing and Butter Frosting.
  • Understand the technique of applying Royal Icing and Butter Frosting.
  • Know and understand the challenges when making Royal Icing and Butter Frosting.
  • Know the difference between Royal Icing and Butter Frosting.
  • Create a drip cake.



  • Orientation for the occupation for Cake Decoration
  • Observation of Health and Safety practices in the environment
  • Introduction to Cake Decoration
  • Fundamental Techniques
  • Plain/ Round Tip
  • Star Tip
  • Leaf Tip
  • Ribbon Tip
  • Basket Weave Tip
  • Plain Borders
  • Fancy Borders
  • Side of Cake Border
  • Flowers
  • Portfolio