Introduction to  Barbering & Business


This programme is designed to provide potential entrepreneurs with the framework and practical knowledge of barbering and business. It will provide students with hands on experience and enhance their understanding of managing their work or small business.


 LEARNING OUTCOMES:  Upon completion of the course students would be able to:

  • To foster educated skilled professionals
  • To increasing the participants knowledge and provide certification.
  • To encourage participants to make SMART Goals
  • To explain and demonstrate how barbers cut/trim hair.
  • To gain and enhance barbering skills
  • To share the principles and practices of entrepreneurship and
  • barbering.
  • To develop and enhance the participants approach to business.
  • To explore how having a skill can generate income and become a career.
  • To influence participants to ensure that their clients are satisfied with the service performed and to build customer relationships.



  • The History of Barbering & The Evolution of Business
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Customer Service & Business Development
  •  Tools & Supplies, Cleaning and Sanitization of Tools
  •  Types of Haircuts
  • Demonstration of a One Level Haircut and Line up(mark)