Antonia Ferrier

Treasurer HRMATT, Managing Director, Definitive Management Solutions

Antonia Ferrier is a gifted Strategy & Performance Consultant, Facilitator, and Coach. She is passionate about performance, and that means bringing out the best in people.

She has over 30 years’ experience in supporting and/or managing executive-level execution in an array of public and private organizations in Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Social Development. Through her company, Definitive Management Solutions Limited, she provides customized, culture-specific solutions for growth to individuals and companies alike. She is especially proud of her services for start-ups and SMEs, and her latest initiative, EQ Coaching for Women In Business to help female executives unleash their superpower!

Her corporate system designs and process reviews have, to date, collectively yielded approximately $200 million in one-time recoveries and annualized savings. Gains from her workshops, programs, and change initiatives typically achieve above benchmark improvements in Operational Performance, Employee Engagement, and Customer Satisfaction.