Understanding Venezuela: Caribbean Perspectives on Democracy (Panel Discussion)

This special panel discussion held in February 2019, was the first of two (2) discussions that explored the implications of the events unfolded in Venezuela for Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean.

As one of the countries that is located geographically close to Venezuela and host to a large number of Venezuelans, the panel explored the knock on effects on the evolving events in Venezuela would have on this country, including the impact and implications for: Human Rights; Labour Market and Employment; Social Services; Political Development and Human Trafficking are also of importance.

The panellists for the evening were Mr Mariano Browne – Former Government Minister, Mr Terrence Walker – Former Trinidad and Tobago Diplomat, Mr Reagan Des Vignes – International Correspondent for Telesur, Ms Leanna Ganga – International Relations Researcher and Mr Amon Hotep – Trinicenter.com