Theresa Sands-Mortimer President, Bahamas Financial Services Union (BFSU) and UNI Americas Women


A graduate of the Government High School class of 1979; she is the recipient of many financial certificates and awards having completed The Bahamas Financial Institution Certificate for Phases one, two and three. Additionally, she pursued a degree in banking at the College of the Bahamas (now the University of the Bahamas). Her banking career commenced in 1981 at Barclays Bank International Bahamas Limited and after 27 years of exemplary service, she took early retirement in 2008. 

In 2002, Theresa Mortimer began her trade union career when she made history as the first elected President of the Bahamas Financial Services Union (BFSU) and is presently in her sixth term in that capacity. 

She also serves as Union Network International America Women’s President, Chairman of the Caribbean Trade Union, Original member of the National Tripartite Council for the Bahamas and Secretary General of Bahamas National Alliance Trade Union Congress. Her involvement in the union has taken her to many countries including Surinam, Guyana, Panama, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Argentina, and several Caribbean islands, to increase her knowledge and participation in union work.