Sheldon Salino

Mr. Sheldon Salino is the Deputy Director Academic Affairs at CCLCS. He has over twenty (20) years of experience in the Co-operative Sector having worked at the management level in various capacities. He has also worked in the Co-operative Development Division as a Co- operative Development Specialist during which time he assisted in its transformative process.

Mr. Salino has undertaken consultancies with various organisations for local co-operatives and has completed research projects which includes Agricultural Co-operatives in the Caribbean, Co-operative policy development, Formalizing the Informal Youth – Innovative Experiences in Jamaica among others.
Mr. Salino holds a Master’s Degree in Co-operative Management and Organisational Development from the University of Leicester. He is also the holder of Diploma from the ILO’s International Training Centre in the area of Management of Local Development and a Certified My.Coop Trainer – Managing Your Agricultural Cooperative.