Marlon Rouse

Marlon Rouse is a seasoned creative visionary with an illustrious career spanning over three decades, marked by his profound expertise as a versatile visual storyteller across various industries. With an unwavering passion for crafting narratives through the lens, Marlon’s journey began in the early days of
film photography, where he honed his craft with an innate sense of curiosity and a penchant for capturing the essence of moments.

Marlon’s indelible mark is deeply etched in his work across a multitude of sectors, from fashion and advertising to documentary photography and beyond. His artistic flair is evident in his ability to weave together diverse elements to form compelling visual narratives seamlessly.

With a gift for perceiving the extraordinary in the mundane and a distinctive eye for detail, Marlon’s work transcends boundaries, leaving an enduring impact on viewers. As a facilitator for the visual communication course, Marlon Rouse brings technical mastery and a wealth of experiential insights that are bound to inspire aspiring photographers to harness their creative potential and embark on their own journeys of visual storytelling.