Kimberly Chan-Boodram – Vice President, Human Resource Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago (HRMATT)

Kimberly is a business executive who spent most of her career leading the human resource and industrial relations departments in various companies with over twelve (12) years’ experience in these fields. She also has experience in the fields of accounting, health and safety, communications etc. She is pursuing her Doctorate in Leadership and is the holder of an MBA – General, UK bachelor’s degree in human resources, several Diplomas and over 50 certificates in various fields including but limited to Mental Health,  HR, Accounting, Leadership, Law, I.T., etc.  

Presently, she is the Head, Human Resources & Business Partnerships at the Caribbean Information & Credit Rating Services Limited (CariCRIS). She has held several other leadership roles with experience within the Education, Financial, Manufacturing, Retail and Oil & Gas sectors, locally and regionally and has consulted for organisations in these sectors.

Kimberly also serves on the Board of Directors at HRMATT in the capacity of Vice-President & Chair of the Editorial Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Institute of Human Resource Management (CaIRM).