Safeguarding Lives and Livelihood: Challenges in Health, Safety and Security

The international system is marked by complexity. As small open economies, the countries of the Caribbean are vulnerable to manmade and natural disruptions over which we have little control. In this environment, building internal resilience is a criterion for social and economic development.

To build resilience, we must identify those components or subsystems over which we can exercise some control. We must also make sense of the world and where possible, identify intersections between and among components of the system to ensure that we get maximum return on our efforts. One such intersection is the relationship between health and safety in the world of work and citizen security in the community and nation.

The HSSE Conference 2024 at CCLCS aims to unravel the intricacies of these interrelated dynamics and their impact on Caribbean society at large, with a particular focus on the world of work. We encourage presenters to delve into the existing gaps in resilience and propose viable solutions.

Under the theme “Safeguarding lives and livelihoods: Challenges in Health, Safety, and Security,” the conference will delve into a range of vital sub-themes, including but not limited to Digitalization, Sustainability, Criminological Strategies, and Disaster Risk Management. The theme will be explored in two streams:

  1. Technological Transformation and Safety Synergy
  2. Disaster Management & Criminological Strategies in Security


Two Days: $650.00 TTD | $100.00 USD
One Day: $350.00 TTD | $55.00 USD

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