Harry Sooknanan

Mediation and Industrial Relations Specialist and Former Chief Labour Relations Officer, Ministry of Labour

Presentation Title – Protections for Whom

Mr. Harry Sooknanan has been involved in industrial and labour relations for thirty-eight (38) years. He has served as an Executive Member at the Public Services Association of T&T, Head of the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) and as the Chief Labour Relations Officer and Labour and Industrial Relations Advisor at the Ministry of Labour. During his tenure as Chief Labour Relations Officer, Mr. Sooknanan provided labour relations and conciliation support to six (6) Ministers of Labour as well as critical advice to trade union and business leaders during challenging negotiations for collective agreements and in other major industrial disputes. 

He presently provides industrial relations and human resources advice, training and support in a private capacity, to Employers and Unions. His training workshops combine mediation and industrial relations techniques and skills, and focuses on grievance, discipline and performance management.