Dr Keith McNeal

Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus and Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Houston

Presentation Title – Climate Struggle as Class War, or Apocalypso for the Future

Keith McNeal is an anthropologist with specialization in Caribbean ethnology and Atlantic cultural history with a long-term focus on Trinidad and Tobago. His first book—TRANCE AND MODERNITY IN THE SOUTHERN CARIBBEAN—is a comparative study of African and Hindu religions in TT. He has also reconstructed the history of Indo-Trinidadian mortuary ritual, the subject of his first documentary film, CREMATING THE BODY POLITIC. He is currently completing book projects on queer culture and history in TT, QUEERING THE CITIZEN: DISPATCHES FROM TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, as well as on Trinidadian Hinduism, THE LOTUS IN THE OIL DRUM: ANTHROPOCENE HINDUISM IN A CARIBBEAN PETROSTATE.