Dennise Demming – Wellness Therapist, Communications Coach, Speaker


Dennise Demming’s journey began in the humble environs of the East Dry River near to Port of Spain.  Raised by her devoted single mother, education became her passion.  Through her unwavering dedication, Dennise pursued academic excellence, earning a trifecta of degrees that symbolize her commitment to personal growth and societal change.

Her academic achievements include an MSc in Couples Counselling and Therapy from Walden University, an MBA from the Arthur Lok Jack School of Business, and a BSc in Public Administration from UWI, St. Augustine. 

Fuelled by her passion for transformative action, Dennise thrives on engaging with dynamic individuals who share her drive for progress. In her diverse roles as a Wellness Therapist, Communications Coach, and Communications Strategist, she channels her expertise to empower others and spark meaningful dialogue. Dennise is also the co-licensee for TEDxPortofSpain and a former Board member of United Way TT and the Secretary of the Witco Sports Foundation.