Colin Baldeosingh – Database Administrator, Port of Spain City Corporation & Adjunct Lecturer, Security Administration, and Emergency Management Department, Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies


Mr. Colin Baldeosingh is an ICT professional and an educator.  He has more than twenty years’ experience in the field of ICT and geographic information systems.  His knowledge has been applied to several organisations both government and private and in the capacity of ICT professional and educator in the application of ICT to practical tasks.

Academically Mr. Baldeosingh has a B.Sc. (Agriculture) and  M.Sc. (Geographical Information Systems) from the University of the West Indies, a Microsoft Certified Professional certification and several diplomas and certificates in  ICT and executive management from local and international reputable organisations.  Among his achievements he has attended and presented at the University of Cambridge URISA conference; managed and deployed the GIS based software to track state agricultural land leases;  and demonstrated GIS flood models to government officials and technocrats in the use of technology in treating flood events.