Cavelle Joseph-St. Omer – President, Human Resource Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago (HRMATT)

Cavelle Joseph-St. Omer, President of HRMATT, is a globally recognized Human Resources executive with over twenty years of experience. Her dedication and passion for the H.R. profession has played a key role in advancing the strategic positioning of H.R. by introducing initiatives such as the C-Suite Conversations, H.R. Legacy Awards, #HRMATTSpeaks and #HRMATTSays which aims to reshape the perception of H.R., aid in workforce preparation and prepare H.R. practitioner through continual innovation focused on, reskilling and upskilling, partnerships, and expanding the talent pipeline. 

Cavelle was recently elected as the first President of the UWI Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business Alumni Association and the Caribbean Institute for Human Resource Management (CaIHRM) in Jamaica. In May 2023, Cavelle was recognized with a regional HR award by the Caribbean Society for Human Resource Professionals, for her contributions to H.R. in the Caribbean In 2016, she was recognized among the top 100 Global HR Professionals by the World HRD Congress.