Caribbean Climate Justice Conference

Dates: 6th-7th October, 2022 Location: Hybrid (In-person the Valsayn Campus of CCLCS and on-line) The objectives of conference are: Raise awareness of the dimensions of the climate crisis and how they could affect Caribbean society and the most vulnerable in particular
Provide an understanding of the issues surrounding Climate Justice and Just transitions
Identify realistic priority options for policy approaches
Frame a process for genuine multipartite consultation to address issues of climate justice

Featured Speakers included:

  • Dr. Shelene Gomes
  • Dr. Anika Granderson
  • Dr. Keith McNeal
  • Renuisha Jattan 
  • Kara Roopsingh
  • Steve Maximay
  • Candice Caruth
  • Brendon James
  • Kishan Kumarsingh
  • Ian Smart
  • Carlon Mendoza
  • Barry Fakoory