Charmaine Alleyne

Branch President of Pan American Life and Member, Banking, Insurance and General Workers Union

Charmaine Alleyne has spent over twenty years in the service of the working class as a trade unionist. She has also been working in the financial sector for over thirty years. These roles have given her the opportunity to coach, mentor, motivate and empower workers to know their rights to effect change not only at the workplace.

Charmain has been a Trinidad and Tobago representative for Labour in the crafting of ISO 26000 – Corporate Social Responsibility. She has worked on the creation of a Sexual Harassment Policy in 2020 (BIGWU) and a Domestic Violence Policy in 2021 (BIGWU)

In March 2023, she delivered a presentation for a short course titled “Social Policy Making: Gender Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion for the 21st Century Workplace” at UWI.