I have been at the Cipriani College of Labour & Cooperative Studies for the past 4 years and It has been an inspiring and humbling experience. Throughout my journey, the knowledge gained has helped me grow as an individual and as a work professional. It is indeed a great institution to earn your degree.

Dwayne MorganStudent

CCLCS creates a family like environment. It’s an environment where although you are enrolled as a student, you adopt this feeling of being a part of a family.

Mr Lyndon De GannesStudent

Getting an in-depth insight into the lecturers background, their qualifications and experience, made me feel at home.

Trisha BoneoStudent

I have gain certification and experience in several skills areas as a multifunctional administrative professional with over 12 years of experience in the Co-operative industry servicing both as an employee and as a director within the sector and by extension other keys organization not excluding the Arts. I enjoyed learning at the college both in the classroom and online classes.

Nerlene Melissa SimmonsStudent