Executive Management

The Executive Management meets weekly to co-ordinate the operations of the College and to implement the policies of the Board. The team is made up of the following executive positions and personnel:

Professor Denise-Margaret Thompson, Ph.D., Engineer, M.S., B.S.
Office of the Director
868-662-5014  ext. 2016

Sheldon Salino, M.A.
Officer in Charge, Office of the Deputy Director Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs Department
868-662-5014  ext. 2001

Melissa Bridgewater, M.A., B.S.
Officer in Charge, Office of the Deputy Director Student Affairs
Student Affairs Department
868-662-5014  ext. 3026

Valene Mc Dougall, M.A., B.A.
Head, Stakeholder Relations
Stakeholder Relations Department
868-662-5014  ext. 3020 

Joycelyn Feancois-Opadeyi, M.B.A., B.S., F.C.C.A.
Manager, Fiscal Affairs
Fiscal Affairs Office
868-662-5014  ext. 2047

Curtis Daniel, M.A.
Manager, Human Resources & Administration
HR and Administration Department
868-662-5014 ext. 2065

Dave De Souza, M.A., A.C.C.A.
Consultant, Information & Communications Technology Transformation
ICT Office 
868-662-5014 ext. 2069

Nyasha Pierre, M.B.A.
Executive Assistant
Office of the Director 
 868-662-5014 ext. 2015