Executive Management

The Executive Management meets weekly to coordinate the operations of the College and to implement the policies of the Board. The team is made up of the following executive positions and personnel:

Andre` Vincent Henry, Ph.D.
Office of the Director
868-662-5014 ext. 2016

Sheldon Salino, M.A.
Officer in Charge, Office of the Deputy Director Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs Department
868-662-5014  ext. 2001

Paula Inniss, C.F.A.S., M.A., B.B.A.
Deputy Director Student Affairs
Student Affairs Department
868-662-5014  ext. 3026

Allison Pereira, MBA(MktgMgt)
Head, Stakeholder Relations
Stakeholder Relations Department
868-662-5014  ext. 3016

Judith Baliram, MBA, F.C.C.A., CA
Manager, Fiscal Affairs
Fiscal Affairs Office
868-662-5014  ext. 2047

Dashia Maxwell, BSc.
Officer in Charge -Manager, Human Resources & Administration
HR and Administration Department
868-662-5014 ext. 2065

Loriella Mires, BSc.
Quality Assurance Manager
ICT Office 
868-662-5014 ext. 3002