Campus Portals

The Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies utilize its Campus Portals, to extend its teaching, learning and administrative services beyond the physical walls of the institution.

Campus Portals provide a rich environment for faculty and student collaboration, the intention is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning and provide access to a wider catchment of students. In addition, it also leverages technologies to support the delivery of administrative services and student academic advising support. Campus portals include separate portals for students and faculty, yet allowing them to connect and interact in a seamless environment.

Student Portal

Student Portal is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that offers the highest level of security to ensure the confidentiality of students’ sensitive data:

  • Students can register online, check their grades, and submit resumes online anytime, anywhere.
  • Students can update their own basic information and view student guild directory online with email link readily available. (Only those students who have provided the appropriate release information will appear in the directory).
  • Students can access their calendar to view miscellaneous events and registration dates and access unlimited links to sites valuable to your student body.

Click here to access the Student Portal


Faculty Portal

Faculty Portal includes a wide range of tools to support faculty administration and enhance collaboration among students, faculty and administrative staff.

  • Faculty can view scrolling news specific to their programme and has direct connection to commonly accessed sites without leaving the Faculty Portal.
  • There is a built-in Course Management that is fully integrated with student registration information that allows faculty to distribute course documents, link to external resources, communicate with students, track attendance, conduct tests, record and submit grades.
  • Faculty can enter the basic demographic information such as address, phone number, activities, and education. A Faculty Directory can be easily generated to facilitate email communication to other faculty members on the fly.
  • Faculty can view student directory online with email links readily available. Only those faculty members who have provided the appropriate release information will appear in the directory.
  • Faculty can maintain their office hours and this information can be viewed through the student portal as well.
  • Faculty will be able to print their own up-to-date class rosters. Access their calendar to view miscellaneous events, registration dates and deadlines, institution activities, and more…including accessing and printing student schedules, viewing students’ unofficial advisors transcript and maintaining student grades.

Click here to access the Faculty Portal