Monroe College

Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies and Monroe College entered into an Articulation Agreement for the purpose of facilitating transfer of credits from Cipriani to Monroe College.

This articulation agreement focuses on the procedures to be observed by Cipriani graduates who have successfully completed Associate Degree, Diploma, and/or Certificate programs as they apply to Monroe College’s baccalaureate degree program curricula leading to the attainment of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice or the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Business Management, Hospitality Management, Health Services Administration of Information Systems. This will apply to any student who is accepted based upon current admissions requirements. The Agreement is designed to provide coherence, consistency, and meaningful experiences to students in pursuit of their educational and career objectives.

Both Monroe College and Cipriani College place high priority on student persistence, improved retention rates, and successful academic performance. Consequently, the twin process of Articulation and Transfer emerge as essential counterparts of the academic enterprise. These processes must be thoroughly understood and supported at all levels within each institution if they are to be effective and successful.

This Articulation Agreement is designed to facilitate the most efficient and expeditious incorporation of Cipriani Transferees into the student body of Monroe College.

The Agreement will include the following:

  • Courses completed with a grade of C or higher will be eligible for transfer credit provided they are part of the Associate degree;
  • Non-credit or remedial courses adjudged to be below college level will not be accepted for transfer;
  • How the credits are distributed in the Monroe programs, and how many of the credits actually do transfer, will depend on the Monroe program into which the student is transferring and the Cipriani College program the student has completed;
  • It is understood that if a student does not have the foundation or skill to enroll in an upper-level course because the student had not taken the necessary introductory course(s), the student will be required to fulfill any unfulfilled prerequisite. Therefore,
  • Monroe College cannot assure every student the completion of the requirements for the baccalaureate degree in four semesters;
  • Monroe College’s catalogue contains all information about degree requirements. Students wishing to plan their associate-degree programs to ensure meeting prerequisites for upper-division courses are encouraged to communicate early with the transfer counselor in the Bachelor’s Program Admissions Office at Monroe College to secure specific information about transfer credits;
  • Cipriani College will provide students currently in its programs with all information pertaining to this agreement, will list Monroe College in any publications that refer to articulation agreements, and will allow appropriate Monroe College administrators periodically visit member institutions;
  • Monroe College and Cipriani College agree to advise the other of any contemplated curricular changes which would affect the future of this agreement;
  • Cipriani College will have the opportunity to nominate students for academic scholarships. Monroe will grant graduates of Cipriani College scholarship assistance on a case by case basis. Criteria for these scholarship nominations will be presented outside of this agreement.

This Articulation Agreement shall become effective once it has been approved by authorized representatives from each institution. It will be reviewed each year on the anniversary of its inception, and will be amended if changes occur in either college’s programs.

This Articulation Agreement acknowledges the mutual interests of the administrations of both Monroe College and Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operatives Studies in the welfare of their student bodies. It provides the mechanisms through which students may make intelligent and informed choices regarding the pursuit and satisfaction of their goals and objectives. We mutually look forward to a fruitful period of cooperation in an endeavor, which will serve our students and our institutions.