At Cipriani College of Labour & Co-operative Studies (C.C.L.C.S), we provide our Students with top quality tertiary level educational programmes in an environment which nurtures students social, personal and career development,  preparing them for the working world. To achieve this CCLCS provides the following:-

• Student Support Centre.
• Student Activity Centre.


Cipriani College of Labour & Co-operative Studies (C.C.L.C.S) Student Support Centre offers students the following top quality services:-

• A quick and convenient Student Information Centre offering excellent customer service.
• Academic advising.
• Personal Tutoring.
• Personalised assistance for persons with disabilities.
• Student Counselling Programme (S.C.A.P)
• Placement services

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: (8:30 A.M) – (7:00 P.M)
Saturday: (8:30 A.M) – (12:00 P.M)

Student Counselling Programme (S.C.A.P)

Cipriani College of Labour & Co-operative Studies (C.C.L.C.S) ensures that all of our students needs are meet, and as such C.C.L.C.S offers a Student Counselling Programme (S.C.A.P) which offer counselling services that assist in improving students' personal and interpersonal development, which include career guidance, group and couples counselling, consultation referral services and outreach programmes.
We also welcome the immediate family members of all registered students to take part in Student Counselling Programme (S.C.A.P). For further information please contact us at 708-6565, and S.C.A.P is available to students on the following days and times:

• Valsayn Campus: - Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursday from (12:00 P.M) to (6:00 P.M).
• South Campus: - Monday to Friday from (8:30 A.M) to (5:00 P.M).
• Tobago campus: once per month (students will be notified within a reasonable time frame prior to sessions).

Students With Disabilities

At CCLCS we provide students with top quality customer service, ensuring that all of our students' needs are met, and strives at improving our students’ personal and interpersonal development.

Placement Services

At CCLCS we aim at improving not only our students personal and interpersonal development but also assisting them with preparing for the working world. As such, CCLCS offers the following placement services to our students and alumni:
• Career Guidance.
• Resume Writing.
• Recruitment options (Internships).

CCLCS internship programme provides students with an eight week opportunity to gain training and work experience in a variety of fields, which will help prepare students in understanding the demands of the workplace, and assist students to fulfill such demands in a timely manner while building interns interpersonal communication skills.
• All associate and bachelor students are eligible to apply for internship.
• An exemption from Internship may be granted where the applicant has worked in the area for a minimum of three (3) continuous years or is currently working in the area of study. An Application for consideration must be filed.

(Placement and Internship Officer Email: - (


Cipriani College of Labour & Co-operative Studies (C.C.L.C.S) Student Activity Centre offers students the following services:-

• An updated and comfortable lounge area designed for recreational activities.
• Excellent entertainment.
• Exciting recreational games.
• Group Meetings that assist in students social development.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – (8:30 A.M) to (8:00 P.M)