Grade Appeals

The responsibility for academic evaluation and the assignment of grades belongs to the lecturer who has been assigned the responsibility for teaching the course. A student who believes that he/she has been unfairly graded should first appeal the grade in writing using the prescribed form.

Such an appeal must be submitted to the Registrar’s office within two weeks of the communication of grades and must include a statement of the grounds for appeal.

The student must pay a fee of $50.00 to the Cashier when submitting the form. If still not satisfied with the lecturer’s revision, the student may request a further review from the Registrar. An evaluator will be appointed at this time to re-assess the disputed grade within one week of the receipt of the appeal. The evaluator will be given a copy of the student’s work together with the lecturer’s comments and grades. The revised grade may be identical, lower or higher than the original one. The evaluator will confer with the Head of the Department who will sanction the grade change, if there is one.

The revised grade assigned by the evaluator is final.