Exemption Policies

An Exemption Committee has been formally established and charged with the final responsibility for dealing with matters of exemptions.

Students are hereby informed:

  • That CCLCS will publish a list of recognized institutions whose qualifications it accepts for exemptions in CCLCS programmes.
  • That the age of the applicant’s qualifications be no more than seven (7) years for former CCLCS and five (5) years to non-CCLCS Students.
  • That student should submit transcripts and detailed course outlines when applying for exemption/s.
  • That the deadlines for applying for exemptions for Semester I and II coincide with the last day of registration in the first semester. Where a valid reason is offered or known and the applicant/s make a late entry into the programme, his/her application for exemption would still be considered by a special sitting of the Committee. Such sitting however should not continue beyond the first month of Semester I. The Committee reserves the right to determine the validity of the reason/s for late applications.
  • That application for exemptions for Semester I and II would be considered at the beginning of Semester I.
  • That one of the criteria should be a minimum of Grade ‘B’ for previous relevant certificate course/sand minimum Grade ‘C’ for previous Diploma course/s. No grade below ‘C’ will be considered for exemption.
  • That a maximum of 30 credits may be transferred from another institution. All credits previously earned with passing grades of C or higher, excepting OSH B are transferable provided they are applicable to the student’s programme of study at CCLCS.
  • That students who previously completed the College’s National Diploma in Labour Studies or the National Diploma in Co-operative Studies will not be allowed to transfer credits obtained between the period 1988-1998.
  • That students who completed the National Diploma in Co-operative Studies and National Diploma in Labour Studies prior to 1988 will not be allowed to transfer any credits to or receive exemption from courses in the Associate of Arts Degree in Labour Studies or Cooperative Studies.
  • Transfer credits will not be used in the computation of the students grade point average (GPA).
  • That the point value for each course transferred must be a minimum of 2.0.
  • That normally, no grade below a “C” will be accepted for courses done at another institution.

Applying for Exemptions

All applications for exemption should be submitted to Admissions Department at registration then be forwarded from Admissions to the Registrar in order to facilitate early consideration and response. The Deputy Director Academic Affairs shall call a meeting of the Exemptions Committee within one week of receipt of such applications and final decisions should be relayed back to the Registrar within one week after the meeting.

The Registrar will ensure that the student database is updated accordingly. All information herein shall be treated as strictly confidential and CCLCS reserves the right to change any aspect of this policy consistent with future development in higher education. Consideration shall not be given to applications that are not consistent with the procedures outlined above and, as a result, ignorance of the above is no excuse. Please note that an exemption application fee is not required.

Prior Learning Assessment

The Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies provides an opportunity for mature students (aged 25 and over) who are seeking admission to the Associate and Bachelor’s degree programmes and who have at least two years of work experience in an area related to their course of study to earn credits for learning derived from their experience or credits by examination. This, however, is not automatic. Students must have their prior learning assessed before it can be determined whether they are eligible to earn such credits. A Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) system has been set up. A Handbook for Students giving the details of this system is available. Students are asked to contact the Admissions Office for further information.

Special Considerations to Graduate

A student who, having received Semester II final exam results, does not qualify to graduate because of only one failed course may apply to re-write that examination during the August make-up period.

This is provided:

  • the coursework was passed during the academic year.
  • A G.P.A. of 2.0 would be achievable (the prescribed examination fee would be payable.)