Research Paper/Project

One of the requirements that must be fulfilled to qualify for the award of the Bachelors and the Associate Degree and for some Diplomas is the completion of a satisfactory Research Paper.

Students are advised to give this requirement continuous attention and to observe the deadlines for the completion of all the stages. Students must read the manual on the research paper which they can obtain from the Head of Department or the Deputy Director of Academic Affairs.

Students are reminded that they will not be able to graduate unless they have completed their Research Paper and that paper has been adjudged satisfactory. Research papers completed outside of one (1) year from the completion of the rest of the courses will not be accepted, except in cases of proven emergency or illness.

A student who has completed a research project for his/her Associate Degree will not be allowed to submit that project/paper to fulfill the requirement of the research project in the Bachelor’s Degree. There will be no exemption for the research paper/project. Students at the Bachelor’s Degree will follow the College’s guidelines for the research paper as outlined in its manual.