ILO Library

The ILO Collection, donated to the College in May, 2000, is now housed in a purpose built library. This library is now the sub-regional centre for ILO materials.


Opening Hours

  • Semester: Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
  • Saturdays: Closed
  • Vacation: Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4:15pm
  • Vacation Saturdays: Closed

Access to the Library

The library is open to all CCLCS users and external users recommended by the ILO. Requests for information can be made in person, via email or telephone.

Library Rules

All ILO books and periodicals are to be used in the library only and are not available for lending. Users are not allowed to eat, drink, talk loudly or use their cell phones while in the library.

The Collection

The collection focuses on the world of work and related issues. Materials in this collection are:

  • ILO Conventions and Recommendations: these are legal instruments which guide the practice of labour, occupational safety and health, project management and decent work.
  • ILO periodicals such as International Labour Review, Labour Education and Official Bulletin, Caribbean Affairs, Quarterly Economic Bulletin and Digest of Caribbean Labour Statistics.
  • ILO Labour Standards, ILO Conference Reports and Governing Body Documents: these are reports that are published by the ILO office in Geneva dealing with labour issues.
  • Country files: these are Caribbean historical files comprising of reports, brochures, Acts and labour laws.
  • A small collection of books in the following areas:
    • Industrial Relations
    • Occupational Safety and Health
    • Project Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Co-operative Studies
    • Gender Studies
    • Child Labour
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Social Security

Compact discs and video tapes in labour studies, occupational safety and health and brochures, pamphlets and handouts on the ILO, HIV Aids, and child labour are also available.

Library Services

Information Retrieval

The ILO Librarian provides assistance to users in retrieving ILO information and other relevant information from a variety of online and offline databases.

Reference & Research

Information requests can be made in person via email, phone or by completing the ILO Library query form. The Librarian can be contacted at

Internet Access

The ILO Library is outfitted with computers with internet access for academic research. Users must present their Student ID to the ILO Librarian for access to computer facilities.

ILO Library Bulletin

The ILO Library produces an electronic bulletin (six times per year) of new ILO publications, recent acquisitions and relevant information updates. Users can request an electronic copy of this bulletin.

ILO Database

A complete listing of the ILO databases is accessible online at the following web site: ilodatabases.htm


A limited photocopying service is offered at a cost of 35¢ per copy. Photocopying is subject to the Copyright Laws of Trinidad and Tobago (The Copyright Act 1997).

Pamphlet Distribution

The ILO Library periodically distributes pamphlets, newsletters, and brochures which are sent for distribution by the ILO sub-regional office at no cost to the users. All such material are clearly identified.

Requests For ILO publications

Users who wish to purchase ILO publications can now fill out an order form in the ILO Library and indicate the titles and number of copies required. The order form(s) will then be sent to the ILO sub-regional office for the Caribbean, in Port of Spain. Users will then be informed when their orders are ready and can make payment and collect their requested items at the ILO office in Port of Spain.

Students and Lecturers are entitled to a 30% discount off the regular price for all ILO publications. Updated ILO publications can be viewed at:– en/index.htm