Lab Facilities

Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies (CCLCS) is equipped with four (4) computer labs at the Valsayn campus and one (1) at the Tobago campus.

These labs are all specially designed to be utilized by students for a variety of purposes, which include instructional technology, course delivery and research. A number of computers are also available in some instructional labs where project management courses are delivered to students.

Lab Locations

Our labs  are located and outfitted with the infrastructure students require.

Main Library Computer Laboratory: Valsayn Campus

The CCLCS Library computer lab is located on the ground floor, behind the Central Core of the building. Apart from the normal compliment of books, magazines and resource material, the library has ten(10) computer stations, all PC based, that are Internet-ready and loaded with many common software applications. These are available for students’ use during normal library hours.

Student Services Centre (SSC): Valsayn Campus

The SSC is an open computer lab outfitted with eighteen(18) PC based computer stations and is available to students for general computer use and Internet access. These computers are equipped with software that is used in many of CCLCS instructional programs. This lab can also be used for scheduled presentations by faculty and staff.

For those students enrolled in developmental educational courses, there are computers available with all the necessary software and the availability of qualified instructors to answer questions and help desk support to assist students with end-user problems.

Other Computer Labs: Valsayn Campus

Two (2) other computer labs, used for the delivery of course instruction, are located in rooms 204 and 205 at the West Wing of the building. Although these labs are usually used for particular programs of instruction, they are also used on occasions for other courses whenever vacant. Typically, both these computer labs are equipped with Internet access and Microsoft Office software applications. Both labs are outfitted with thirty-six (36) PC based computer stations altogether.

Tobago Campus

There is one computer lab located on the Tobago campus and it is specially designed to be utilized by students for research purposes, general computer use and Internet access.