General Education


The General Education Programme at Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies teaches students how to think rather than what to think, how to learn rather than what to learn, in an effort to produce graduates who are better able to adapt and respond to the demands of a fast-changing economic and social environment.

At CCLCS, the General Education Programme seeks to provide students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude to live fully, and participate effectively in a democratic society and a global community. The goal of the programme is to produce students who can communicate effectively, analyse critically and understand their society and culture. Such students, it is believed, will be able to utilise the knowledge they receive in a more constructive manner, and to make decisions that lead to positive action in the course of daily living.


To accomplish the general education goals, all students receiving either an Associate or Bachelor Degree, must satisfy a set of general education requirements in addition to the requirements of their specific programme. To meet the general education requirements for both the Associate and Bachelor Degrees, a student must earn at least 30 credits in courses distributed as follows:

Categories Minimum Credit Hours
Quantitative Skills 3
Humanities 3
Social Science 6
Communication Skills 6
Computing Skills 3
Natural Science 3
Critical Thinking 3


The College has selected from within each of the categories listed above those courses which fulfill the general education requirements. These courses are listed below:

  • CAS 130 Caribbean Studies
  • CIS 100 Introduction to Computer Information Systems
  • COM 101 Fundamentals of Communication
  • COM 250 Effective Communication
  • ENG 110 Fundamentals of Writing
  • ENM 142 Environmental Science I
  • HUM 100 Cultural Studies
  • HUM 200 Comparative Religion
  • HUM 220 Ethics and Moral Values
  • LBS 100 Introduction to Industrial Relations
  • LOG 120 Critical Thinking
  • MAT 100 Mathematics
  • PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
  • RES 100 Research Methods and Statistics
  • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • SPN 100 Introduction to Spanish