10-Saturdays Introductory Courses


Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies offers quite a large number of outreach courses over a period of ten Saturdays, with each session being four hours long. These courses are aimed at specific audiences at times, while at other times the general population is invited to enroll. Many of these courses are prerequisites for other courses and programmes, especially in cases where the participant may not have the traditional qualifications to enter into a certificate programme. Most of these courses are of an introductory nature and, as such, they are required before one can move on to a more advanced course in that area. They do not, however, guarantee admission into the more advanced courses. These courses tend to give an overview of the subject area being taught. These courses are generally offered at three venues – Valsayn, San Fernando and Tobago.

Course Listing

          • Introduction to Environmental Management
            This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the concepts and applications of Environmental Management. It provides a platform for students to identify and discuss environmental issues in the context of sustainable development.
          • Introduction to Human Resource Management
            This course, offers an opportunity to understand individual and groups as they relate to the organization and the Human Resource functions. Participants gain the opportunity to examine the human resource management functions, policies and procedures and how these components improve organizational effectiveness in its utilization of the organization’s human resources.
          • Introduction to Industrial Relations
            This course exposes participants to the concepts and practices in Industrial Relations and reflects on the principles of good Industrial Relations practices. Participants are exposed to the express and implied terms of the contract of employment, the rights of the individual under the Industrial Relations Act, 1972, and the inherent jurisdiction of the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago.
          • Introduction to Marketing
            This Course is designed to expose participants to a practical approach to Marketing. The participants would learn how to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics. The course provides participants with an opportunity to examine practical issues regarding marketing problem-solving and decision making.
          • Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety
            This course is designed to introduce participants to the basic concept and principles of Occupational Safety and Health, and to provide guidelines for the application of safety procedures at the workplace. The course also assists participants in understanding and interpreting Labour Legislation.
          • Introduction to Public Relations
            This course is designed to provide participants with a framework for a practical approach to Public Relations. The importance of understanding an organization and its publics is emphasized. The course make participants aware of the contribution Public Relations can make to promote the image and welfare of an organization.
          • Introduction to Supervisory Management
            This Course is designed to introduce participants to the basic aspects of Supervisory Management and to provide training in basic supervisory skills for effective supervision. It examines supervisory skills and practices employed in decision making, employee training, and development and performance appraisal.
          • Introduction to Security Administration and Management
            This course is designed to make participants aware of the different functions of a security unit and the Manager’s role. Participants will be required to review the relevant laws and examine their application, and learn how to reduce losses by managing risks. The course targets security personnel who currently hold a supervisory rank or wish to prepare for a supervisory rank.
          • Introduction to Securities and Investments                                                                           
            The objectives of this programme is to  ensure that participants on completing this course will: Understand how investment funds operate. Understand the characteristics and limitations of different investment fund plans and other forms of investments. Be able to describe accurately the services investment funds offer to the public.etc.
          • Introduction to Events Management  Events Management is a part of the every day activities of individuals and organizations. While the concept is not new, a clearer understanding of the issues involved brings a greater appreciation for structuring activities so that they create memorable events.  To help participants understand the basics of creating successful events out of everyday and corporate activities. Events planning as a Creative process Prioritizing and Envisioning.
          • Introduction to Facilities/Building Management
            This programme is designed to introduce the target Group to the principles and systems involved in the practice of Facilities Management and for the efficient maintenance of buildings and other facilities to ensure longevity and continuous usage as we depend upon them for our comfort and economic survival.
          • Introduction to Crisis and Emergency Management
            This course introduces the theories and practices of emergency management that are currently in use to manage natural and technological disasters and emergencies that bare upon communities and the consequences of deploying specific mitigating measures. it also provides the students with the basic practices borne out of  tested emergency planning.
          • Introduction to Fire Protection              
            This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the concepts and application of Fire Protection Management.Understanding terms and acronyms in fire prevention such as chemistry of combustion, fire triangle, flash point, spontaneous ignition, flammability, BLEVE, fire extinguisher, fire extinguishment, conflagration etc.

Tuition Fees

Full payment of fees is required when registering for classes. The Board of Governors reserves the right to change tuition and fee charges when necessary without notice. Fees and tuition are not transferable.

For a list of fees, refer to our College Fees as well as Institution Fees.