Continuing Studies

About the Department

The Department of Continuing Studies falls under the purview of the Academic Division, which is headed by the Deputy Director Academic Affairs. The Continuing Studies Department (CSD) oversees the College’s evening programmes in the Valsayn Campus and South Centre.

The department also has a functional relationship with the Tobago Campus and ensures that all services, operational, programme and teaching material are in sync with all the other centres. The establishment of this department is also recognition of the validity of lifelong learning in a globalized world.

Main Activities

Many of our programmes are offered on evenings and weekends and cater primarily to working adults who are seeking to increase their chances for promotion within the workplace or a change of career.

  • Functions as the primary coordinating unit for part time students and faculty and the other departments of the College
  • Enhances the experience and success of our students by providing advice, attending to queries raised and utilizing problem solving measures to alleviate day-to-day problems which occur.
  • Liaises with lecturers to attend to queries and concerns, and provides information to aid their effectiveness
  • Centre Supervisors/Coordinators monitor and oversee the efficient operations of the classes.