Classroom Policies

Classroom Attendance

Regular attendance at all scheduled classes is required of all students. One requirement for satisfactory completion of each course is attendance of at least 75% of the scheduled classes. A student who fails to comply with the 75% requirement may forfeit the right to sit the examination in the particular course and is subject to a Grade F.

In the case of absence for special personal reasons other than illness or death of a family member, the student is expected to present a written explanation to the Office of Registrar and the Head of the Department in which he/she is studying.

Absence of two (2) weeks or more on account of illness must be documented by a medical certificate. Once the Registrar approves, the student will be allowed to make up the work missed and sit the examination.

Official absences will not count against the student in the tabulation of the 75% attendance requirement. Official absences are those which occur when a student is involved in an official activity of the College. However, students are required to present an official absence excuse form. Moreover, prior arrangement must be made with the lecturer for make-up work.

It is the responsibility of the individual student in co-operation with the lecturer(s) to make the necessary arrangements to make up the work missed because of legitimate class absences. Students present at a class are required to sign an attendance sheet. Further, students are required to be punctual for their classes.

Taping of Classroom Lectures

The Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies affirms the right of lecturers to be afforded copyright protection in their classroom lectures. As such, lecturers may limit the circumstances under which students may tape their classes.

Each lecturer shall inform his/her students within the first week of class as to his/her policy on taping. Failure to do so will give students the right to tape lectures. Lecturers are reminded that in the case of students who are unable, because of some form of disability, to take adequate notes, they should consider exempting those students from their taping policy.

Daily Starting Time

Students are reminded that the normal daily starting time of all official business is 8.00 a.m.. Day classes commence at 8:30 a.m. and evening classes at 5:30 p.m.