BA Labour Studies

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Course Description

After forty (40) years of developing and offering programmes in Industrial Relations for workers, trade unions and other people-based organizations, the Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies, a community college, has taken a qualitative leap and has entered the arena of the Bachelor’s Degree, continuing to serve the needs of its prime constituents in particular and working people in general.

Credits and Hours

This Bachelor degree in Labour Studies programme will consist of 122 credits, 57 additional credit hours beyond the Associate of Arts degree (65 credits).


Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) – 122 credits

General Education Courses 30 Credits

CIS 100           Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3

COM 101         Fundamentals of Communication 3

COM 250         Effective Communication 3

ENG 110          Fundamentals of Writing 3

LOG 120          Critical Thinking 3

MAT 100          Mathematics 3

PSY 100          Introduction to Psychology 3

RES 100          Research Methods & Statistics 3

SOC 100          Introduction to Sociology 3

SPN 100          Introduction to Spanish 3

 Programme Concentration 53 Credits

LBS 100           Introduction to Industrial Relations 3

LBS 120           History of Caribbean Labour 3

LBS 200           Fundamental Principles of Labour Law 3

LBS 210           Grievance Handling and Arbitration 3

LBS 220           Principles of Caribbean Labour Law 3

LBS 240           Collective Bargaining 3

LBS 250           Internship 3

LBS 270           Caribbean Industrial Relations Systems 3

LBS 280           Trade Union Administration, Organization & Governance 3

LBS 290           Applied Collective Bargaining 3

LBS 300           Employment Law 3

LBS 310           Women in the Workplace 3

LBS 330           Industrial Arbitration and Mediation 3

LBS 335           ILO and Labour Management in the Caribbean 3

LBS 360           Research Paper 5

LBS 370           Trade Union Leadership 3

LBS 380           Ethics in Decision Making

ACC 100           Introduction to Accounting 3

ECN 100          Introduction to Economics 3

ECN 200          Economy of the Caribbean 3

ECN 210          Interpreting Economic and Financial Data 3

ECN 220          Labour Economics 3

HRM 105         Human Resource Management 3

LBS 110           Gender Studies 3

MGT 200         Principles of Business Management 3

OSH 231          Occupational Safety And Health Legislative Framework 3

PLS 100           Introduction to Politics 3

PLS 200           Government and Politics of the Caribbean 3

 Electives (Select two) 6 credits

COS 120          Co-operative Organization and operations 3

HRM 300         HRM Systems, Functions & Procedures I 3

HRM 305         Organizational Behaviour I 3

HRM 335         Job Evaluation and Compensation Mgt 3

LBS 295           Comparative Labour Movements 3

PRM 120         Fundamentals of Project Management 3

SOC 200          Industrial Sociology 3

SOC 210          Social Structure of the Caribbean 3

Programme Purpose

The primary purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Labour Studies empowers the graduate to:

  • Assume a leadership role in a worker’s organization
  • Represent an organization in Industrial Relations matters
  • Understand and apply the principles of Grievance Handling, Collective Bargaining and Employment Law
  • Undertake research in Industrial Relations matters

Entry Requirements

  • Students with 5 CXC/GCE passes including Mathematics and English Language. These students will require four years to complete the degree-two at the Associate level and the last two at the Bachelor’s degree level
  • Students who have obtained at least two A levels would require three years to complete the degree
  • Students who have completed the Associate degree in Labour Studies, Occupational Safety and Health or the Associate degree in Environmental Management with a GPA of 3.0.or higher. These students will require two years to complete the degree as part of a 2 plus 2 articulation arrangement, but will have to complete any additional course(s) offered in the first year of the programme, not covered in the Associate degree programme.
  • Mature persons (25 years and older) with considerable experience in the field will be interviewed by the College Admissions Committee, chaired by the Registrar, to determine at what point/level of the programme they will be admitted. Exemptions, if any, will also be determined by this Committee.

Tuition Fees

Full payment of fees is required when registering for classes. Cipriani College is now a participant in GATE – Government’s Assistance for Tuition Expenses. The tuition fees listed below apply only to non-nationals. Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are eligible for free tertiary education. The Board of Governors reserves the right to change tuition and fee charges when necessary without notice. Fees and tuition are not transferable.

For a list of fees, refer to our College Fees as well as Institution Fees.

The Board of Governors reserves the right to change tuition and fee charges when necessary without notice. Fees and tuition are not transferable.

Future Opportunities/Career Path

With the right training, credentials and experience, Cipriani College BA-HRM graduates can work as Human Resource Directors, Managers, Administrators, Supervisors, Generalist, Specialists and HR Assistants, in the areas of staff development, training, labour relations, recruiting, compensation, benefits and employee-wellness.

In addition, ILO requirements and increasing mandatory standards in Occupational Safety and Health (2004, 2006), fair-employment, and health and employee benefits will increase the demand for competent human resource practitioners and employee relations specialists. Higher salaries and opportunities are therefore possible with additional education and experience in managing our critical human resources.