BA Human Resources Management

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Course Description

Human Resource Management has been growing in importance globally, regionally, and in Trinidad and Tobago, over the recent past. The sourcing, training and management of one’s human resource is well known as a significant contributor to an organisation’s sustainability and the growth of its competitive edge. This growth is driven by the institutional need to recruit customer friendly and appropriately trained knowledge employees who can provide that advantage to their employers.

Credits and Hours

This Bachelor degree in Human Resource Management programme will consist of 122 credits, 57 additional credit hours beyond the Associate of Arts degree (65 credits).


Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) – 122 credits

General Education Courses 33 Credits

CAS 130          Caribbean Studies 3

CIS 100           Introduction to Computer Information System 3

ECN 100          Introduction to Economics 3

ENG 110          Fundamentals of Writing 3

HUM 220         Ethics and Moral Values 3

LOG 120          Critical Thinking 3

MAT 100          Mathematics 3

PLS 100           Introduction to Politics 3

SOC 100          Introduction to Sociology 3

SPN 100          Introduction to Spanish 3

RES 100          Research Methods & Statistics 3

 Programme Concentration 56 Credits

HRM 230         Strategic HRM 3

HRM 300         HRM Systems Functions & Procedures I 3

HRM 301         HRM Systems Functions & Procedures II 3

HRM 304         Personal Self –development for HR Professionals 3

HRM 305         Organisational Behaviour I 3

HRM 306         Organisational Behaviour II 3

HRM 312         Corporate & Business Human Resource Management 3

HRM 320         Training & Development 3

HRM 330         Compensation Administration 3

HRM 335         Job Evaluation and Compensation Management 3

HRM 340         Performance Management 3

HRM 350         Internship 3

HRM 365         Organisational Communication 3

HRM 370         Human Resource Information System 3

HRM 400         Managing Organisational Change 3

HRM 410         Human Resource Development 3

HRM 420         Comparative Human Resource Management 3

HRM 460         Research Project

Supporting Courses 24 Credits

COM 250         Effective Communication 3

LBS 100           Introduction to Industrial Relations 3

LBS 300           Employment Law 3

LBS 380           Ethics in Decision Making 3

MGT 200         Principles of Business Management 3

OSH 231          Occupational Safety & Health Legislative Framework 3

RES 300          Research Methods II 3

SAM 280          Workplace Violence Mediation & Conflict Resolution 3

 Electives: Three (3) courses from another programme including, but not limited to: 9 Credits

ENM 265         Ethics, Morality & Corporate Governance in Environmental Management 3

HUM 100         Cultural Studies 3

HUM 200         Comparative Religion 3

LBS 120           History of Caribbean Labour 3

LBS 290           Applied Collective Bargaining 3

LBS 335           The ILO and Labour Management Relations in the Caribbean 3

LBS 390           Grievance Process 3

OSH 225          Principles of Health and Safety Law 3

PRM 120         Fundamentals of Project Management 3

PRM 225         Quality Management 3

PRM 245         Events Management 3

PRM 420         Project Implementation & Organisational Change 3

PSY 100          Introduction to Psychology 3

Programme Purpose

The primary purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management is to:

  • Provide students with the exposure to, and develop competencies in, the management of human resources as a critical asset to organisational success
  • Develop and utilise an able and motivated workforce with which to accomplish the basic organisational
  • Create facilities and opportunities for individual and/or group development in order to match it with the growth of the organisation
  • Attain an effective and optimal utilisation of human resources in the achievement of organisational goals
  • Contribute to the reduction of socio-economic ills such as unemployment, under-employment, income inequalities and wealth distribution and to improve the welfare of the society by providing employment opportunities to citizens
  • Provide facilities and guidance on conditions of work and how to create a favourable atmosphere for sustaining motivated employees

Entry Requirements

  • Students with 5 CXC/GCE passes including Mathematics and English Language
  • Students with Advanced Level passes
  • Associate Degree in similar subject area (CCLCS: GPA 2.0)

Tuition Fees

Full payment of fees is required when registering for classes. Cipriani College is now a participant in GATE – Government’s Assistance for Tuition Expenses. The tuition fees listed below apply only to non-nationals. Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are eligible for free tertiary education. The Board of Governors reserves the right to change tuition and fee charges when necessary without notice. Fees and tuition are not transferable.

For a list of fees, refer to our College Fees as well as Institution Fees.

The Board of Governors reserves the right to change tuition and fee charges when necessary without notice. Fees and tuition are not transferable.

Future Opportunities/Career Path

With the right training, credentials and experience, Cipriani College BA-HRM graduates can work as Human Resource Directors, Managers, Administrators, Supervisors, Generalist, Specialists and HR Assistants, in the areas of staff development, training, labour relations, recruiting, compensation, benefits and employee-wellness.

In addition, International Labour Organization (ILO) requirements and increasing mandatory standards in Occupational Safety and Health (2004, 2006), fair-employment, and health and employee benefits will increase the demand for competent human resource practitioners and employee relations specialists. Higher salaries and opportunities are therefore possible with additional education and experience in managing our critical human resources.