ASc OSHE Management

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Course Description

The degree provides a substantial foundation for the legal, management, behavioural and policy issues affecting Occupational Safety and Health in its broadest sense. The scope of the topics is wide ranging and will be covered in sufficient detail to provide a firm basis for future expansion and application.

Credits and Hours

This Associate of Science OSHE Management programme will consist of 65 credits.


Associate of Science Degree (AS) – 68 credits

General Education Courses 21 Credits

CAS 130          Caribbean Studies 3

CIS 100           Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3

COM 101         Fundamentals of Communication 3

LOG 120          Critical Thinking 3

MAT 100          Mathematics 3

PSY 100          Introduction to Psychology 3

RES 100          Research Methods and Statistics 3

Programme Concentration 35 Credits

ENM 221         Environmental Risk Assessment 3

OSH 100          Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health 3

OSH 110          Safety Technology I 3

OSH 120          Safety Management I 3

OSH 141          Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene I 3

OSH 210          Safety Technology II 3

OSH 220          Safety Management II 3

OSH 231          Occupational Safety and Health Legislative Framework 3

OSH 241          Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene II 3

OSH 250          Internship* 3

OSH 260          Research Paper 5

Supporting Courses 9 Credits

BIO 100           Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 3

CHM 100         Introduction to Chemistry 3

LBS 100           Introduction to Industrial Relations 3

Electives (Select any ONE – Diploma graduates MUST

choose a course not previously attempted) 3 Credits

EMM 275         Disaster Preparedness Planning 3

LBS 200           Fundamental Principles of Labour Law 3

OSH 150          Security Aspects of Safety 3

OSH 245          Fire Safety 3

*An internship will be required for those who do not have any working experience in the field. Students who have working experience will be granted an exemption from OSH 250. However, they will be required to submit written proof of their working experience

Programme Purpose

The goal of the Cipriani College’s Associate Degree in Occupational Safety and Health is to prepare students for a rewarding professional career even as it attempts to produce a well-rounded individual. The graduate of this programme will:

  • Be able to reduce the effect of exposure to hazards in an organization
  • Be able to apply that which they learn to their individual career paths
  • Be able to implement safe systems of work and accident prevention
  • Be able to communicate effectively with practitioners in the related professions
  • Have the leadership and management knowledge necessary to supervise Occupational Safety and Health departments well into the twenty-first century
  • Be able to function at the senior management level in an advisory capacity

Admissions Eligibility

  • Students who possess five or more (CXC/GCE passes, including passes in English and Maths)
  • Students who have successfully completed the CCLCS Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health or its equivalence.
  • Complete the Research Paper/Thesis wherever this is required
  • Mature students (25 years and older) who have successfully completed the CCLCS Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health with at least a “B” average and have worked continuously within a Safety environment for at least two years. Because of a lack of space, not everyone, who is eligible for admission, is guaranteed admission into the Programme.


Exemptions will be granted only to those who have successfully completed CCLCS Certificate and/or Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health within the last six (6) years, that is from September 2000 and have been continuously employed in the field. In the case of those mature students who have successfully completed the Certificate programme with at least a “B” average, they would have to have attained at least a “B” grade in each course presented for exemption. Exemptions will be awarded only in cases where the course numbers in both the Associate Degree and Certificate or Diploma are the same. This excludes the course OSH 260. Research Papers completed for one programme cannot be presented for exemption for another programme.

Entry Requirements

  • Students must earn at least a 2.0 grade point average in the credits presented for graduation
  • Students must complete a minimum of sixty (60) or more credits, including the general education core courses

Tuition Fees

Full payment of fees is required when registering for classes. Cipriani College is now a participant in GATE – Government’s Assistance for Tuition Expenses. The tuition fees listed below apply only to non-nationals. Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are eligible for free tertiary education. The Board of Governors reserves the right to change tuition and fee charges when necessary without notice. Fees and tuition are not transferable.

For a list of fees, refer to our College Fees as well as Institution Fees.

The Board of Governors reserves the right to change tuition and fee charges when necessary without notice. Fees and tuition are not transferable.