Examinations Unit

The Examinations Unit is a sub-department of the Registrars Office. This Department is responsible primarily for the administration of final examinations for Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies. All processes of the unit are designed to maintain the academic integrity of the College.

Unit Key Functions

The Main functions of the Unit are:
 Preparing and posting of examinations schedules
 Printing of all final examinations papers
 Securing all examinations papers
 Issuing of examinations guidelines
 Administering of examinations
 Dispatching of examinations papers
 Issuing Performance Reports (grades)

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Examinations Policies and Procedures

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Examination Schedules

Examinations are done three times per Academic Year. Semester One, Semester Two and at the end of Vacation Classes. There are also Make -Up Examinations for students who have missed these examinations.

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