Career Fairs and School Visits

Careers fairs are useful for a range of students – those starting their degree and looking for work experience opportunities, as well as recent graduates looking for full-time employment or a part time scheme.

Careers fairs are typically held within universities for their students at both undergraduate level, though there are plenty of other careers fairs organised by external companies, schools or ministries. However, such fairs will not run very frequently and so it is vital that you remember to go to at least one before applying to the company you wish to work at.

At CCLCS’s Career fairs you would learn the following:

  • Full time studying opportunities
  • Part-time studying opportunities
  • 10 Saturday Programmes
  • Community Development

See photos below of recent 2018 School Visits and Career Fairs (click hyperlink)

See photos below of recent 2017 School Visits and Career Fairs (click hyperlink)