• All students are required to register annually and in person.
  • No student will be allowed to enter a class unless he/she has registered with the College.
  • Each student must obtain a Student I.D Card in order to complete the registration process.

Student Identification Cards

All students are required to have a Student Identification card. Students will be issued with this card at registration.

Students are required to present their identification cards to gain admission to the school compound and Library, to borrow books and to write examinations. No exceptions will be made. The College identification cards will be replaced for a fee of $40. Students will be expected to submit new photographs for replacement cards.

Students will not be allowed to write final examinations unless they present their College ID card to the examinations invigilator.

Late Registration

  • Students are required to register on the date(s) and at the time(s) designated by the College.
  • A late registration fee of $300 will be charged to¬† students registering after the official registration period.